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Everyone's right to the Swedish nature

A personal encounter with a bear, elk or owl in their true element at one of our wildlife safari activities is usually an unforgettable experience to bring back home and share with loved ones. To stay overnight in one of our coaler's huts and fall asleep in the light of the flames with the sounds of the forest and the rippling river Borrsjöån outside the creaking door of the hut  is often a cherished experience to return with to everyday life. The choice is yours ....

To provide an opportunity for anyone to stay in the woods and nature is one of the activities that are most requested by our customers, whether they have a physical disability or not. Gränsland 's objective and goal is to make this possible .
The concepts and facilities within Gränsland should make us pause in life and in many cases make a vital stop for own reflection on the journey through life. Here we offer a depot where you can replenish the breath of life with new wisdom and new fuel, a space for new nature experiences, contemplating, and reflection, a place in the woods to reflect leading to a individual crossroads where you have the final word.

Camp school for classes and clubs, wild life watching for individuals and groups, team building and conference for business, Gränsland welcome everyone.