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Booking and Prices

Booking requests for accommodations and activities are sent to or you can call +46 72-219 90 28. Along with your booking request, please enter name and a phone number where we reach you, email address, how many people your inquiry concern, arrival- and departure dates and any activities and guided tours that you are interested in. The booking is valid when you receive our confirmation.

Accommodation Jägarstugan Wilderness Lodge

Resort fee Price per person and day children 50 kr, adults 100 kr Charged only for stay at day
Kronkojan Price whole hut 1350 kr Comfortable living total 6 beds
Sotkojan Price per bed 210 kr, children 125 kr, whole hut 3300 kr Total 18 beds
Kolarkoja Price per bed 190 kr, children 115 kr Four huts with bed for two
Stables Price per bed 210 kr, children 125 kr, whole Stables 1470 kr Total 8 beds (Pets are welcome)
Military tent Price per bed children 50 kr, adult 80 kr, whole tent 730 kr Offered during summer
Birchwood sack 110 kr Per sack
Cleaning 100 kr per bed At ordering of cleaning

For all types of accommodation, please bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping mat. Sleeping mats and sleeping bags can also be rent for 90 kr per person.
The facility is adapted for disabled. 
Member of the Swedish Touring Association or of Gränsland receive 50 kr discount per night/adult and 25 kr per night/child on accommodation (not tents).

Group & Conference Jägarstugan

Room for 40 participants, prices regard conference room with equipment. At overnight stay, costs for accommodation are added. When booking for a minimum of fifteen participants with overnight stay, we guarantee that you have the entire facility at your disposal.

Conference room full day 2500 kr Up to eight hours
Conference room half day 1500 kr Up to four hours
Refreshments 40 kr per person Incl. second cup
Coal bun lunch 125 kr per person Minimum 20 persons
Simple wildlife buffè with dessert 300 kr per person Incl. butter, bread and a beverage
Lumberjack breakfast 60 kr per person Incl. second cup (Self-service)
Birchwood sack 110 kr Per sack

Other food can be arranged through catering to Jägarstugan. For school classes and clubs we have a special offer, please contact us for more information.