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In the middle of the Swedish wilderness

Experience the genuine nature and the silence of the forest in Sweden's "wildest" hostel Jägarstugan, located in Ovansjö Kronopark/Gästrikland. Here, guests have the opportunity to stay overnight in a primitive coaler's hut, "Kolarkoja". Before you go to sleep you are listening to the crackling fire and if you are lucky, you also hear the she-wolf's howling or the cow elk calling her calf. If you are a larger group, you will sleep in our rustic "Sotkojan" with 18 beds and an open fireplace in the middle. Or why not sleep in the stable with 8 beds. Would you like to stay comfortable year round with proper mattresses, a wood-burning stove and a private toilet, choose "Kronkojan" with six beds. During the summer months we also offer accommodation in our tent with room for approximately 15 people.

The days in Jägarstugan Vildmarksby are characterized by daily duties like fetching water in the well, chopping wood for the fire and cook on one of our many fireplaces. For those who wish, Sara and Johan offer activities like safaris, predator watching, useful nature photography and and safari for families and children who want to acquire new wisdom about the Swedish forest. Or maybe you want to sneak along the river Borrsjöån on your own, with a fishing rod and try your hand at our fine rainbow trouts (Fishing licenses are sold at the location). Our host for Jägarstugan is happy to tell you about special places in the surroundings and if you get hungry he makes charcoal buns "Kålbulle" and coffee over an open fire in Jägarcafét (Call before). Jägarstugan wildlife village is adapted for disabled people and in the nature reserve there is a duckboard so that wheelchair users also can experience the reserve's unique nature.

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Images from  Jägarstugan

Sotkojan                                                    Kolarkoja Falken                                      Conference Rask Pelles Koja

Sauna                                                        Sotkojan                                                  Kronkojan     
Kronkojan                                                  Water Well                                                Boiled coffe from the Jägar grill